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Malaria & the Missionary

Audio by Jeffrey Perry, Elizabeth Perry • Posted 5 days ago

Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Audio by David Narita • Posted 12 days ago

Being Single on the Mission Field: Panel Discussion

Audio by Terry Jackson, Rebekah Naylor, Naji Abi-Hashem • Posted 19 days ago

Seven Principles for Empowering on Short Term Trips

Audio by Jaime Saint • Posted 26 days ago

Avoiding Burnout in Missions

Article by Association of Baptists for World Evangelism • Posted one month ago

Domestic Health Disparities

Audio by Karen Krigger • Posted one month ago

Exploring Discipleship in Healthcare Missions

An Event hosted by • Posted one month ago

The Present State of Missions from an African Perspective

Audio by Tony Weedor • Posted one month ago

Evidence Based Medicine

Audio by Burton Lee • Posted one month ago

Public Health and Missions

Audio by Susan Hillis, Allison Ruark • Posted one month ago

Evidenced Based Practices for Healthcare Missions to Muslims

Audio by Dr. Jason, Jamie Lee • Posted 2 months ago

Christian Global Health Movement in Perspective

Audio by Bruce Dahlman, Rebecca Meyer, Perry Jansen, Daniel ONeill • Posted 2 months ago

Healthcare Education Missions, Cultural Competence, Critical Thinking

Audio by James D. Smith, Dr. Kate, Margaret Tarpley, tarp, Shari Falkenheimer • Posted 2 months ago

The Training Years: Wisdom for What's Now, Pearls for What's Next

Audio by David in Christ, Sarah, Jessie Thomas, Liz Redican • Posted 2 months ago

Incarnational Equipping: A New Training Model

Audio by Lance Luttrell, Rick Donlon, MD, Kelsey and Chad T, Chad Thompson • Posted 3 months ago

Spiritual Warfare for Missionaries

Audio by Rees Howell • Posted 3 months ago

How Data can Open our Eyes: Opportunities to Love God and Others during a Pandemic

Audio by Burton Lee, Susan Hillis, Phil F • Posted 3 months ago

Discussion in Radiology

A Discussion • Started 3 months ago